The Good Son

A Roving Ode to Burgers and Donuts

None Time is money.

But more importantly, time is food—you don’t have time to chase down one truck for a burger, another one for some chicken, another for a hot dog and another for some donuts.

But... well, you might guess where this is going. 

Get set for Son of a Bun, the finest (also: only) burger/chicken/hot dog/donut truck our city has ever seen, now rolling.

They’re making this real easy for you. Just choose a protein (burger, chicken, hot dog) and how you want it—think Avoegg-style (yep, there’s avocado and an egg on top) or Picante (this involves smoked bacon and jalapeños).

And then... donuts. You might not usually get donuts after a big burger on a freshly baked bun—but you’re not usually presented with the option either.

So naturally, you’ll want to keep this truck on your Twitter/walking-down-the-street radar for the next time you need to be the kind of person who shows up to an office or somewhere with a giant pile of burgers and hot dogs and donuts. Or you could just rent the thing out, haul your personal martini truck out from storage and have yourself a party in your backyard.

About time you got that martini truck out from storage.

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