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Your Summer Guide to the Hamptons

You’ve got somewhere to be soon. We won’t give it away. But it rhymes with “Schmamptons.” So two big developments on that front... One: UD’s The Next Move: Hamptons is available today. And two: all the shiny new Hamptons stuff you need to know is right below. See you in Schmontauk.

UD - Sienna Restaurant & Ultralounge

Sienna Restaurant & Ultralounge

Last year, this space was Beaumarchais. Nothing wrong there. It just... wasn’t part UES steakhouse and part Pink Elephant. Just a fact. But this—this is exactly that. Skylighted, white-tableclothed ribeye joint by day and night, neon house of DJ-dom and bottles by night. It’s all about efficiency.

UD - Delmonico’s of Southampton

Delmonico’s of Southampton

You know Delmonico’s. Been doing surf and turf since the Van Buren administration. But now they’re taking the show to Southampton with sundecks (yes, plural), fresh-caught halibut and scallops, and their own vegetable garden. Because when you think Delmonico’s, it’s really the produce that sticks in your mind.

UD - BLT Steak

BLT Steak

It’s a conundrum as old as right now—to do filet mignon in the whitewashed lounge or tuna tartare by the pool. You could go either way, and, well... you could go either way at the BLT Steak opening up at the Capri. Poolsteak: an idea whose time has come.

Opens May 27, BLT Steak at Capri, 281 County Rd (39A Rte 27), Southampton, 631-259-2641

UD - Madison & Main

Madison & Main

Wood-grilled fresh lobster. Whole-belly Ipswich clams. Watermelon martinis. Two of those things, you’re definitely not turning down. The other one: you’re... okay, fine, also not turning down. It’s vacation. And all three are at this brick house of grilled deliciousness in Sag Harbor. Not judging pink drinks since 2013.

UD - Pepalajefa


“Just where in the hell can I meet a Swiss woman and get some gazpacho and bocadillos?” is a sentence you’ll never have to utter. Because we’ve got your answer right here in the form of this Swiss-run takeout spot. Think beef bourguignon and flan. Just basic takeout stuff.

Now open, Pepalajefa, 7 Main St, Sag Harbor, 631-899-4630

UD - Topping Rose House

Topping Rose House

Last year, Tom Colicchio took this 170-year-old Greek Revival mansion and built it into a hotel and restaurant with its own farm and a holistic wellness center. Only thing was, the hotel part took a little longer than expected. But now it’s open. Good things: meet those who wait.

UD - Red Hook Lobster + Sweet ’tauk

Red Hook Lobster + Sweet ’tauk

In a recent survey of people who are you, it was found that the weighty lobster rolls of Red Hook Lobster Pound and fresh-squeezed lemonade of Sweet ’tauk were both deemed highly desirable. In related news, both are happening at this place. Score one for fake surveys.

UD - Juice Lane

Juice Lane

Morning swims in rough chop. Working out twice a day. Lying about doing both of those things. Being in the Hamptons is tough. You need something healthy. Like cold-pressed juices from this spot, right next to Barry’s Bootcamp. The perfect alibi.

Opens Memorial Day weekend, Juice Lane, 354 Montauk Hwy, Wainscott, 631-527-5057

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