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A Cozy, Pizza-y Spot off Highway 101

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Old MacDonald had a farm, yeah.

But it damn sure didn’t have any lomo pizza or beer cocktails on it.

Yours does, though...

Cue a choir of roosters for Farmshop, a Cali-centric restaurant and bar that happens to stand between you and wine country in all the right ways, opening Monday in the Marin Country Mart.

This is the NorCal offshoot of the LA-based original. And lucky for you, it’s every bit as brilliant.

So do this: pick a winery. Any winery. Then pick up a date and start making your way toward it. When you’re about 20 minutes outside of the city, stop here. Step inside. It’s bright and airy. The ceilings are high. There’s a rope-like chandelier dangling from one of them and a mural of a farmer on a tractor on the wall.

Look right, and you’re watching the chef (a Bouchon and French Laundry vet, mind you) toss lomo-and-caciocavallo pies in the wood-fired oven behind a marble kitchen counter.

Head straight, however, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by teal mohair banquettes, plush couches and cowhide chairs. Sit in one of those and make a Napa Caravan happen. It’s got bourbon, Malibu honey and black walnut bitters in it. Then make some jidori chicken or halibut with pickled walnut pesto happen.

Oh, and don’t worry. That patio out there... that’ll be opening soon.

Farm life is the best.

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