Things to do for May 02, 2013

The Weekender

Mint Juleps, Mariachis and Don Corleone on a Patio

... and it’s the weekend winning by a nose.

A Book Full of Critical BBQ Intel

A Book Full of Critical BBQ Intel

You know Tim Byres. The Smoke and Chicken Scratch guy. Right, well, he’s got a book now. It’s full of recipes. But also some helpful tips on all kinds of barbecue-related essentials. Like how to cut brisket. And how to properly smoke a pipe. And... other essential stuff.

Available now, $24.46, Smoke: New Firewood Cooking, order here

Sandwiches and Cake Pops Downtown

Sandwiches and Cake Pops Downtown

There’s a new breakfast/lunch/dessert shop in Downtown. It’s called the Hospitality Sweet and they serve things like french toast soufflés. Also, chicken salad sandwiches and cake pops (so many cake pops). It’ll really come in handy tomorrow around 1:16pm. Or whenever you typically take a lunch break.

Celebrating Cinco at Hacienda

Celebrating Cinco at Hacienda

Okay, yeah, this Cinco de Mayo party’s actually on the fourth. Apparently, these guys couldn’t wait another day to block off the parking lot and get started. Stop by for mariachi bands, free-flowing margaritas and a kiddie pool filled entirely with queso. Assuming you bring your own kiddie pool and queso.

Watching the Derby at Victor Tangos

Watching the Derby at Victor Tangos

There’s a big race this weekend. Involves horses. Called the Kentucky Derby. Yup, that’s the one. Anyway, Victor Tangos is hosting a little soiree to celebrate. Expect obscenely large hats, minty bourbon cocktails and about two minutes of exhilarating Derby action. Horses are fast.

May 4, 5-7pm, Victor Tangos, 3001 N Henderson Ave, 214-252-8595

Watching The Godfather on a Patio

Watching <em>The Godfather</em> on a Patio

Central 214 continues its alfresco movie nights this Sunday with The Godfather. There’ll be food. There’ll be drinks. There’ll be... probably a bunch of people sitting around speaking in accents and making propositions they’re confident you won’t decline. Or something like that.

May 5, starts at dusk (around 9pm), Central 214, 5680 N Central Expy, 214-443-9339

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