Things to do for May 02, 2013

The Weekender

Juleps, Margaritas and Rooftop Pools

These pretzels are making the weekend thirsty.

UD - Chicken Wings. Burgers. Pretty Lights.

Chicken Wings. Burgers. Pretty Lights.

Some things don’t have to make sense. For instance, this dining-car-sized enclave where you’ll have double cheeseburgers, seared tilefish and grapefruit-mezcal cocktails beneath mirrored, never-ending light ceilings that look like something out of a Daft Punk video. Or maybe that makes so much sense, we just blew your mind.

UD - Jaw-Busting Sandwiches in FiDi

Jaw-Busting Sandwiches in FiDi

We peg you as the sandwich-connoisseur type. Stop us if we’re out of line with that. Okay, good. Now grab an Italian with secret hoagie sauce, provolone, lettuce, red onion, tomato, roasted peppers, cherry peppers, artichoke hearts and parmesan on Parisi Bakery bread from this new FiDi lunchery. Well played.

UD - A Kentucky Barbecue for the Derby

A Kentucky Barbecue for the Derby

The Kentucky Derby: high times for Big Millinery. Really high times for you. Especially when Maysville’s brought a specially made smoker from the South for pulled pork and ribs just for the race. Which, by the way, will be projected while you do mint julep research. A vital field of study.

UD - Cinco de Mayo at a Rooftop Pool

Cinco de Mayo at a Rooftop Pool

A rooftop pool opening on Cinco de Mayo. It’s like a beautiful comet of delicious Mexican food passing over the night sky once every 137 years. And it’s happening Sunday high atop Chelsea at Hôtel Americano. Expect Latin DJs, tequila cocktails and a real tough Seis de Mayo.

UD - J. Press York St., 70% Less

J. Press York St., 70% Less

The Ovadia brothers and J. Press worked real hard to create an impressive line of prep handsomeness—seersucker ties, bright Harrington jackets and such. Now, you’re going to completely take advantage of that by scoring it for 70% less than the going rate. Your patience is a lesson to us all.

May 8-10, 11am-6pm, J. Press York St. Sample Sale, 530 7th Ave (between 38th and 39th), 29th Fl

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