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Lasagna Cupcake: The Restaurant

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Once upon a time, lasagna cupcakes rained down from a truck.

And it was good.

And then the people who made you those things opened up a charming little tasting room to ply you with inordinate amounts of lamb leg roast and wine.

And it was this place.

Welcome to The Salon at Heirloom, your new room for endless pasta and syrah—now open for special events, private dinners and anytime you feel like you might need to arrange for 7,000 lasagna cupcakes.

Set up a dinner in this spot from the Heirloom Catering crew, whose truck you know and love, and you’ll feel like you stepped into the villa of one of your friends’ Italian grandmothers—but a cougar-y, Sophia Loren kind of grandmother. There’s candlelight in here, a sense of rustic possibility. Think a circular, familial counter, a couple tables and some rooster photography. Great. Roosters. Perfect.

And now that they just got a liquor license, they’re in the mood to finally start hosting dinners for the public. And you’re in the mood to attend. So some night soon, you might eat some burrata ravioli and pork two ways, or... you might not. Because, well, you could book the room for a private event, and they’ll serve you whatever you want.

Probably lasagna cupcakes.


The Salon at Heirloom
4120 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA, 90065


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