The Missing Link

Recycling with a Twist

UrbanDaddy - Tokens & Icons Souvenirs are for tourists.
And you're no tourist (no matter where you are).
But that doesn't mean you're not willing to let your allegiances peek out from beneath your sleeve every now and again.

Introducing Tokens & Icons' expanded range of cufflinks salvaged from historic throwaways, available now at On The Fly.

While you may be familiar with T&I's Muni token, dice and typewriter cufflinks, they've recently turned their eye for… recycling to a few larger objects. Which means if you're a Yankees fan, you can show up to work tomorrow with an old Yankee Stadium seat sitting on you. Or if you've been cultivating a '60s pilot look, you can get some links made from the fuselage of an actual Pan Am Boeing 707 (to match your new mustache, aviators and damn-the-torpedoes attitude).

There are a few more new styles—including game-used MLB baseball leather and wood from the floor at Madison Square Garden—and each set comes with a gift box and a certificate of authenticity, letting you know that the wood, metal or brass token was legally obtained and not stolen from a smashed turnstile.

Which is just a different way of… recycling.

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