Skeptical Investigation

A Hangover-Prevention Water

None We’re lovers. You know that. But every now and again, something comes across our desks that just seems... suspicious. Because of the tremendous material upside to all our lives if these claims pan out, we at times put ourselves in harm’s way to investigate. Albeit skeptically.

We call it: Skeptical Investigation. (Trademark pending.)

That resqwater will prevent a hangover. Pure and simple.

The creators suggest that if you drink it during and/or after a big night out, before you go to sleep, then you’ll wake up all refreshed and breezily do a bunch of one-handed push-ups while getting serenaded by bluebirds, etc., etc. (We paraphrase.)

We stocked up. We pretended we read the labels. (Okay, we read them later: it’s founded on the crazy principle that your post-bar body needs water to rehydrate, so it’s mostly that. Water. But also some other stuff, like prickly-pear-cactus-fruit extract, milk thistle, B vitamins and electrolytes.)

Then... we went out, had a few rounds and did some other stuff we probably shouldn’t get into here. Before bed, we drank. This stuff. For science.

Sure, yeah, it seemed like we probably woke up feeling better than we should have. But it’s hard to be definitive about these things without going back in time, reliving the night and not drinking this stuff.

Worst case, use it as a mixer.

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