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A Low-Key Teriyaki Joint on Fillmore

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Some weekend we had there.

The sun. The...

Actually, pretty much just the sun. That was great.

Kind of makes you want to find some beautiful new patio and eat a bunch of teriyaki chicken on it.

And in other news you saw coming from a mile away...

Meet Glaze Teriyaki Grill, a Seattle-born, NYC-raised, low-key teriyaki joint with a gloriously sun-soaked patio and a penchant for marinating everything in soy-based deliciousness, opening Thursday in Pacific Heights.

Turns out, the whole teriyaki thing is pretty big in Seattle. Burritos-in-the-Mission big. Pizza-in-NYC big. Cheesesteak-in-Philly... What we’re trying to say is: you’re in good hands with these guys.

It’s a pretty casual scenario in there—tables scraped together from an 1873 prison church. Open kitchen with a laser-etched mural of famous landmarks above it. The kind of place you’ll pop by for a quick lunch or on the way home from the office.

But that breezy patio with all the heat lamps and vintage 70s Italian wallpaper... that’s where you’re going. Step up to the counter on your way. Pick a meat (salmon, hanger steak, chicken...). Then they’ll grill it. Then they’ll smother it in a teriyaki sauce made by that first-generation Korean-American chef back there.

Then you can go outside. Just know that all those Washington State wines and cold drafts will have to wait until the license comes in.

But hey... teriyaki.

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