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A Downtown Cove of Leather/Denim Badassery

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You’re familiar with the butterfly effect.

(Relax, we’re not talking about the Ashton Kutcher movie.)

Still, it’s pretty incredible that back in 1913, somebody erected a glamorous hotel just so that one day it could house a cool-looking place for you to buy a leather jacket...

Stand in wonder at the chain of events that led you to Beautiful Fül, Downtown’s historic new shop for durable leather and denim that’ll last you until... oh, say, 2113 or so, opening Thursday in the old Rosslyn Hotel building.

First off: you may or may not ride a motorcycle. Either way, sometimes it’s nice to look like the kind of person who does. Like if you’re walking into a dive bar to shoot some pool or going to Whole Foods to get some acai seeds. (An intimidating wardrobe clears the aisles for you a bit. So crazy in there.)

Anyway, this place has clothes like that. Leather jackets that took three years to finish. Casual Japanese-cotton shirts. Lots of military green. Boots that’ll only look better when you rough them up. All in a large open room that’s been stripped down to its original Rosslyn-era concrete and affixed with a whiskey bar.

You were hoping there’d be a whiskey bar.


Beautiful Fül
107 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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