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Your Cinco de Mayo Preparedness Kit

Cinco de Mayo: a full two weeks away. And this year, well... you’re thinking of doing something different. Something bigger. You’re thinking of going in with... a plan. Everything that follows: elements of that plan, on a six-level fiesta ambition scale. Vaya con Dios...

Salvation Taco Tacos

Salvation Taco Tacos

The Standard: Seven-layer dip recipe and a bag of tortilla chips.
The Upgrade: A party-size takeout pack of Moroccan lamb or short rib tacos with chili and guac from Salvation Taco.
Hashtags: #aprilbloomfield #moroccotaco #tortillaedthings

Caterpillar Rim Salt

Caterpillar Rim Salt

The Standard: Chunky sea salt, maybe out of a tin.
The Upgrade: Oaxaca-made chili salt dusted with finely ground tequila worm. No one will ever question your commitment to “El Cinco” again.
Hashtags: #dotheworm #kindagross

Margarita Cups You Eat

Margarita Cups You Eat

The Standard: The old oversized margarita glass.
The Upgrade: The edible, salted-lime-flavored margarita cup. It’s gelatinous, it tastes like a margarita, and you must have it.
Hashtags: #zeroemissions #efficiency #nodishes

A Mariachi Band

A Mariachi Band

The Standard: A respectable iPod playlist, perhaps featuring Rodrigo y Gabriela.
The Upgrade: One to five fully outfitted, beautifully passionate mariachi professionals, complete with that big, huge Mexican guitar.
Hashtags: #sombreros #epicmustachery #soundsofthemotherland

A Piñata of Your Face

A Piñata of Your Face

The Standard: The frilly, horse-shaped piñata.
The Upgrade: Custom face-piñatas. If you feel you’re sending the wrong message asking people to bludgeon a candy-filled approximation of your visage, you could ask for, say... not your face.
Hashtags: #sweetprojectiles #swingforthefences #blindfoldactivities

Tequila Bagels, Perked

Tequila Bagels, Perked

The Standard: Not having bagels at Cinco de Mayo.
The Upgrade: Having bagels at Cinco de Mayo. Patrón-infused ones and jalapeño-cheddar ones. Much like the ones UD Perks is hooking you up with right now.
Hashtags: #holidayspirit #nicetiming #elschmear

The Bagel Store, 349 Bedford Ave (at S 4th), Brooklyn, 718-218-7220

Perk Alert: Get them here.

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