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Having a Plastic Bust Made of Your Head

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We’ve seen the future.

It starts precisely at 9:30am Monday in River North.

And good news: you’re there. Well, actually, just your head is there. But what a mighty-fine-looking head it is...

Behold: The 3D Printer Experience, the best place in town when you need to turn hot biodegradable plastic into a pocket-size bust of yourself.

You’ve probably heard something about this technology—it got some presidential love in the State of the Union address. It allows people to make honest-to-God three-dimensional objects using a device not unlike your home printer. One day, they say, everyone will have one.

For now, however, just think of this place as a futuristic Kinko’s (or, as the kids call it these days, FedEx Office). Instead of scanning résumés, they scan your head. Just stand in front of the special cameras for a few minutes. Pick the color of the plastic and the size you’d like your bust to be. Wait a few more minutes. Then, voilà. You’ve got a new decorative piece for your grand piano.

More good news: this place isn’t limited to heads. You can scan any object you want, really—or design something totally new—and have it printed while you wait. You can also purchase 3D pieces made by local artists.

Michelangelo would have killed for one of these.


The 3D Printer Experience
316 N Clark St
(between Kinzie and the river)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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