No Spain, No Gain

Sierra Nevada’s Only Rooftop Pool. We Found It.

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Your next vacation could go one of two ways.

1) Fireplace. Cigars. Fur.
2) Sundeck. Margaritas. Bronzed bodies.

Actually, don’t even bother choosing...

Just pack everything and make for El Lodge, a cozy mountain chalet at the base of Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range that had the good sense (and common decency) to build the region’s only outdoor pool and sundeck, now open.

There’s kind of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation going on here. Two completely opposing ideas wrapped up in one paradisiacal wonderland. On the inside: a handsome lodge full of the usual Nordic trappings—antler chandeliers, animal skins and other elements of Viking-chic. On the outside: a tropical oasis of blue water, hot tubs and sun worshippers. It’s essentially Saint-Tropez. With better skiing.

Your average day here: check into your double-jacuzzi penthouse. Pick up some ski stuff from the lobby. Walk out the door. Sit in a chairlift. Look around. Nice day. Ski down Andalucian pistes. Come back for lunch.

Take... deep... breath.

Great. Then hand your boots to the boot-warming butler. He’s just the guy whose entire existence revolves around keeping your boots warm. He’s actually real. You’ll like him.

Oh, and one more thing. If this all sounds great, imagine how much better it would sound with no one else around. Because you can also rent out the entire lodge.

Fine, the boot butler guy can stay.

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