Things to do for April 18, 2013

The Weekender

Brisket, Waffles and the High Line

A rolling weekend gathers no moss.

UD - A Purple-Velvet Party Below Circolo

A Purple-Velvet Party Below Circolo

You may know Circolo as that NoHo Italian spot where you had the life-changing raspberry tart. But you’re about to know it as the place where you spend your Thursdays lounging in a sexy purple subterranean paradise of lemon-vodka cocktails... Because they’ve got that now.

UD - Swedish Handsomeness, for Less

Swedish Handsomeness, for Less

We heard you were looking for some Swedish summer-wash jeans and a lightweight cotton sport coat. So we went ahead and had Acne set up this sample sale in Tribeca. Okay, so maybe we had nothing to do with it. But still, Swedish jeans.

Through Apr 19, noon-7pm, Acne Studios, 401 Broadway (between Walker and Lispenard), 212-334-3303

UD - Award-Winning Brisket on the High Line

Award-Winning Brisket on the High Line

BrisketTown. These guys have made meat so scrumptious that people gave them an award and declared them king of all New York briskets. But they’re not laurel-resters, so they’re opening up a spot on the High Line through October. Smoked beef is the hardest working meat in the BBQ game.

UD - A French Beauty in the West Village

A French Beauty in the West Village

If we told you you’d soon be eating chilled marinated mussels and roasted monkfish with a plethora of New York draft beers in a sunny, dark-wooded, Greenwich-corner brasserie from the Sel et Gras guys, you’d be interested. In possibly related news, you’ll never guess what this place is.

UD - Chicken. Waffles. Brooklyn

Chicken. Waffles. Brooklyn.

The classic chicken, waffles and Bellini brunch... is not a thing. Or it wasn’t until now. Williamsburg’s Sweet Chick has taken their chicken-and-waffle and watermelon-Bellini recipes and applied them to the meal known popularly as brunch. This is what’s known in some circles as a breakthrough.

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