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Three Things to Know About the New Exploratorium

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Strange things are afoot at Pier 15.

Seawater martini strange. Human Pac-Man strange. The kind of strange that can only be explained by the grand reopening of physicist Frank Oppenheimer’s interactive science museum known as the Exploratorium. That’s happening Wednesday.

Here are three things you so desperately need to know about it...

The new restaurant. It’s kind of crazy.
It’s called Seaglass. And sure, you could grab a table, look out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the bay and do the oysters-and-clam-chowder thing. But you should probably sit at the glass-topped bar instead. Look down. That’s a dry ice installation where crystals of ice swim through blue-colored water to form a bunch of constantly morphing mini icebergs. Which could get interesting. Especially after you figure out that...

They’ve got seawater martinis.
You’ll taste sea grapes, plum wine and vodka in those. And seawater. They’ll be open late on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so plan accordingly. Look for the kombu yuzu martini, too. It’s made with seaweed from Mendocino (which... okay). And then, when it’s time...

You’ll need to see these new exhibits.
Start at the Fog Bridge. It’s... a fog bridge. Step outside, walk over the bridge and there you are: surrounded by fog. Right. Anyway, then there’s “Team Pac-Man.” That’s where you and a team will work together to win a game of human Pac-Man.

You’ll figure it out.


Pier 15
(at the Embarcadero, near Green)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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