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A Downtown Den of Australian Meat Pies

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A quick revisiting of LA’s most important Aussies:

Jackman. Kidman. Dundee. Those little meat pies you just load up on and eat with your hands.

What’s that you say about no such meat pies in our city—check again.

Bid g’day to Bronzed Aussie, the city’s first den of handheld Australian meat pies, soft-opening Thursday under blue skies in a Downtown courtyard.

You’re looking at a tiny little place. A few stools, some pictures of lifeguards and a whole lot of brown paper bags. Yes, you’re here for handheld savory pies with a puff-pastry crust—that’s a thing in Australia—dropped into one of those bags. Then you go into the courtyard and reach into the bag and eat those pies with your hands.

As for those pies: think ground beef. Or pepper steak. Or lamb, rosemary and garlic. Or you strolling out to your place in the sun clutching a couple bags filled with all of the above. And some Longshot espressos—yep, even their coffee is from Australian beans.

But if you have any lingering questions about the authenticity of this place, you can come by in the morning for “brekkies”—that’s bacon and sausage breakfast pies—or just some Vegemite on toast.

Mandatory that they have it. Not mandatory that you eat it.

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