Mead in America

Making Your Own Cider and Mead

None Doing things for your own damn self. It’s what made this country so great.

It also does wonders for your drinking habits.

Here to help you unleash your heretofore-undiscovered fermenting prowess are Hudson Valley Farmhouse Mead and Cider Kits, available now.

As you know, homebrewing is enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now. Every day, you’re overhearing bits and pieces of stray conversations that involve words like yeast, copper kettle and rubber tubing. At least, we hope they’re talking about beer.

And mead... well, mead (which is just fermented honey) has been around for millennia—Egyptians, Vikings, Celts, Aristotle and medieval Knights of the Round Table all loved the stuff. It’s due for a comeback.

So basically, there are two more beverages you can add to the homebrewing craze. The kits come with a glass jug, as well as all the tubes, stoppers, thingamabobs and doohickeys you need to get started. Also: the yeast.

You’ll supply the honey to make mead—good thing you have a beekeeper on speed dial. You’ll supply nonalcoholic cider to make the hard cider. Then, two to six weeks later, boom: you’re a micro cider house. Or a micro Renaissance faire.

Mother’s Day gift: done.


Hudson Valley Farmhouse Mead and Cider Kits

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