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Alley Brunching on a Hollywood Patio

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Brunch is already a pretty great word. We’ll say it again. Brunch.

But just for argument’s sake, let’s see what words we could add to make it more exciting.

Secret. Alley. Patio. Shots. Lamb. Cocktails. Sun. Charo.

Seven out of eight. Not bad.

Follow us into the hidden wilderness of Spice, a new Indian-ish patio restaurant tucked into the alley behind Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, soft-opening Sunday for a pretty decadent brunch.

So you’re probably familiar with Couture nightclub—the one with the runway. (The literal runway.) This place is hidden out behind that club, attached but separate. And instead of dancing to techno beats at 1am, you’re coming here this weekend during daylight hours for Mumbai Masala Wings, naan flatbreads, spiced shots and some salted lassis spiked with tequila.

And this alley is actually kind of a hot spot now. Seriously. It connects all these other bar and restaurant patios, and starting this weekend there’s a whole farmers’-market-for-spices thing happening back here.

So if you’re planning a brunch date with someone who urgently needs a pile of tamarind, here’s your place. But really, in a couple weeks, you could drop in here for a post-club situation—once it’s up and running, the plan is to go until 4am on the weekends.

3am naan cravings: not unprecedented.


1644 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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