What’s Supp

World-Class Meals Cooked by You

None It’s Friday.

And there’s just one thing you want to do right now.

... Leave work and watch Jurassic Park in 3D.

And you should. But after that, you’re going to want to do this...

It’s What’s for Supp, a Brooklyn operation that’ll deliver everything you need to make an awe-inspiring dinner for four, online now.

Before we proceed, know that this is a Brooklyn-only thing—for the time being. So that’s that.

Now let’s talk about how you’re going to induce moans of pleasure with mustard rack of lamb and creamed spinach. Go to the site. Sign up. Then choose your meal based on either the chef or main ingredient. Regarding the chefs: you’ve got recipes from a Gramercy Tavern and Blue Hill vet, food bloggers and the occasional mom. So pick something—say, crispy garlic-thyme chicken with buttermilk green beans and couscous—and go nuts.

At that point, someone will scour the earth (greenmarkets, butcher shops) and get the recipes’ required supplies and have them delivered in a grocery bag.

Then the lying starts.

You invite three people over. People who could use some impressing. Tell them you just picked up everything you need to make your world-famous crispy garlic-thyme chicken with buttermilk green beans and couscous. Follow the recipe to the letter. Try a pan jerk. Very impressive. Now serve and eat.

They’ll never suspect.

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