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Life-Restoring Noodle Bowls in SoBe

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Black coffee.

Spicy Singapore-style curry noodles with wok-fried pork.

Seeing that tonight’s a Friday, we thought you should know all four of these things are readily available in South Beach now.

Welcome to Wok Town, population: a bunch of hangover-curing noodle bowls, sizzling stir-fries and refreshing bubble teas, now open.

You may have hit up the original in Downtown (and subsequently taken their Mongolian beef back to your office). In that case, you pretty much know exactly what’s going on here already. Pad thai. Gyoza. Bubble tea. Bulgogi. Delivery. Etc.

It works best if you use this place (and their coconut-curry-chicken stir-fry) to soothe your wounds after a night out on Collins. Just park it at one of the teak tables, order up one of their noodle bowls and let the bok choy, scallions and (most importantly) extra side of chili sauce do their job.

In between slurps of noodles or bites of spring rolls, you may notice what looks like a rather large stainless-steel bar off to your left. That’s because... well, there’s a rather large stainless-steel bar off to your left. The kind that serves cold sake, dry beer and plum wine.

We assume you like at least one of those.


Wok Town
1570 Alton Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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