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Roughing It in the Desert. Or Not.

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This is a warning.

What we’re about to discuss is dangerous. Brutal. In fact, it may even kill you.

Actually... never mind. This is nothing like that. April Fools’ and all that.

See, today we’re discussing Moab Under Canvas, a comfort-centered interpretation of “camping” in the Utah desert involving king-size beds, Oriental rugs and—most critically—running water, taking reservations now.

If this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Yellowstone version. (You also have amazing recall skills. Congrats on that.)

Anyway, this time out, you’re grabbing a sidekick, hightailing it out west and then... waking up in the Ritz-Carlton of tent-based sleeping arrangements. In the desert. In Utah.

You’ve got several options here. But really, only one: the Deluxe Suite. It’s a multiroom mega-tent with a king-size bed, an en suite bathroom and a sofa bed lounge with bearskin rugs. (Good things happen when bearskin rugs are involved.)

Oh, right, the nature stuff. You’ll be right by Arches National Park, so probably check that out. Get all Cliffhanger-y on some rock formations. Or don’t, and just opt for the hot-air balloon tour. Our suggestion: the backcountry Hummer voyage, where you’ll ride to the most remote sections for a sunrise breakfast or sunset dinner.

Seeing as you’re roughing it and all.

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