Good Morning Burger

Served Up

A Brunch Burger with Pancake Buns

None The day after somebody invented the wheel, everybody else must’ve felt pretty stupid.

It just... seems so obvious.

And now, after this weekend, there’re going to be a whole lot of people wondering why they didn’t already invent burgers with pancake buns.

Succumb to the majesty of the Good Morning Burger, an unholy new brunch burger residing between a couple of warm pancakes, launching tomorrow when littlefork’s brunch kicks off.

Remember today. It was the last day of your life before you had a pancake burger. Then, tomorrow, go to littlefork and order the Good Morning Burger off their new brunch menu to ensure that previous sentence is true.

The patty: Kurobuta pork linguica. The buns: two pancakes, made with red cornmeal. The syrup—oh yes, there’s syrup—is from Vermont, of course. And sure, why not, toss a sunny-side-up egg on top.

Yeah. You’ll be needing to try that.

But on the off chance you care about a single other thing on the brunch menu, you could definitely start with some $1 Naked Cowboy oysters, and a couple rounds of Bloody Larrys (they’re basically Bloody Marys with bourbon).

There’s just something about Larry.

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