Things to do for March 28, 2013

The Weekender

Beer-Fueled Yoga and Spaceballs on a Roof

The weekend has risen.

The Second Coming of Sushiyama

The Second Coming of Sushiyama

Here’s a sushi-related feel-good story to start your weekend. The defunct Sushiyama has been resurrected and reopened by a former customer. It’s now called Yama Sushi, so that’s nice/easy to remember. The menu’s mostly the same, plus a few new additions. Like hot bowls of ramen. With steam and everything.

Now open, Yama Sushi, 8989 Forest Ln, 972-234-3474

A Crawfish Fest at Main Street Garden

A Crawfish Fest at Main Street Garden

Because you need more crawfish in your life, Downtown’s dedicating a whole day to the things. Just head to Main Street Garden. That’s where you’ll find live music, frosty beers and screens for watching March Madness. Oh, and crawfish. Can’t have a crawfish boil without crawfish.

Here’s Where You’ll Dance After Dinner

Here’s Where You’ll Dance After Dinner

Shinsei. Great spot for sushi. And this Saturday, it’s also a fine spot for after-hours partying. (But still, eat some sushi first.) They’ll have a DJ set up in the lounge. So, after dinner, retire there with a cocktail. Then, unretire and do the worm.

Mar 30, 10pm-1am, Shinsei, 7713 Inwood Rd, 214-352-0005

First, Some Yoga. Then, Some Beer.

First, Some Yoga. Then, Some Beer.

Beer is delicious. And yoga... is also a thing. And when you combine the two, well, no idea. But it seems worth investigating. So head to We Yogis this Monday. After some stretching, posing and downward dogging, you’ll taste beers from Widmer and Redhook. That ought to center your chi.

Apr 1, 5:45pm, $18, We Yogis, 5600 W Lovers Ln, Ste 150, 214-351-1229

Watching Spaceballs on a Roof

Watching <em>Spaceballs</em> on a Roof

Beers, a rooftop, John Candy in a dog suit... Sure, why not. It’s all happening Monday at Sundown at Granada. You’ll show up, buy a round of drinks, wish everyone a happy April Fool’s Day and point yourself in the direction of the screen. Because that’s where Spaceballs is playing.

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