Bishop Cider Co.

Cider Effects

Dallas’s First Hard Cider Company

None When confronted with a bushel full of apples, you can:

a) Eat them.
b) Give one to a teacher.
c) Stop wasting time and start turning those bad boys into hard cider.

Empty out a barrel and prepare for the Bishop Cider Co., our city’s first purveyor of the fermented-apple arts, slated to open in the Bishop Arts District soon and raising funds on Kickstarter now.

So... lots of breweries these days. But not a single cidery. Well, not yet, at least. Not until this place opens. Because then you’ll have a 750-square-foot storefront housing three stainless-steel fermentation tanks. Plus a tasting bar and a bunch of ciders for drinking at said tasting bar. Side note: you’re a pretty huge fan of tasting bars.

Now, when the time comes, you can stop inside for a pint or a flight. (They’re making batches with all kinds of fruit—apples, pears, peaches, berries.) And while you’re there, maybe go ahead and get a whole growler of the stuff to enjoy at home. On a porch or something. Just how John Adams liked it.

For now, you’ll need to wait/back the Kickstarter campaign to keep things moving along. But hey, good news: they’re handing out rewards for your support. Things like bottle openers. And mini barrels. And apple trees.

That ought to really tie the yard together.


Bishop Cider Co.
509 N Bishop Ave, Ste C
Dallas, TX, 75208

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