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Ale Syndicate Launches Its First Beer

None Powerful. Complex. Bold.

You’ve been called all those things. But you wonder what would happen if someone magically imbued a beer with those same qualities. Let’s find out.

Meet Ale Syndicate, Chicago’s newest craft brewer offering a hearty beer called Richie Imperial Porter, available now.

The backstory of Ale Syndicate is a long and winding one. Two Chicago brothers—and dedicated homebrewers—decided to make their fortune in Oakland, CA. They succeeded with Lucky Hand Brewing. There was only one problem. They were in Oakland. So they moved back and started a new brewery project, Ale Syndicate. Actually, that was pretty straightforward.

Now, let’s get to drinking. You’ll find their first release, the aforementioned Richie Imperial Porter, at 24 bars and restaurants in town (Big Star, Owen & Engine et al). This is the beer you’re going to drink on these last nippy days of spring to feel warm, full and like you just got a big malty hug.

But they’re also finishing a production facility and taproom in Logan Square. So when that’s done later this year, you’ll be relaxing on some sunny patio, sipping their India pale ale, Municipal. Or you could be hanging at a barbecue with their crisp and hoppy ale, Sunday Session.

It doesn’t even have to be Sunday.

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