Another Shirt Please

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Shirts and More Shirts from a Trio of Swedes

None You just heard it.

The sound of somebody lighting a grill up in the hills.

Spring is here. Barbecue season is officially on.

Now about your torso...

You’ll probably want Another Shirt Please, a casual European line of backyard-friendly shirts from a trio of Acne alums, available now at only one place in the US—Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake.

So three Swedes walk into a bar... Actually, we don’t know if that’s how this started. But they all worked for Acne, making cool clothes that look all European in that slim and languid way that’s not too try-hard-y for LA. And then one day they thought, hey, we could still do that, but on our own—and started their line, Another Shirt Please, which is exclusively devoted to fedoras. Just kidding. Shirts.

These are the kind of casual cotton and chambray button-downs that you just get in a couple basic grays and blues, throw on whichever is closest, grab a six-pack from the fridge and go meet your friends. They’re not too skinny, so you can have a hot dog, a cheeseburger, that third beer, and everything will be fine.

Should tide you over until Another Belt Please.


Another Shirt Please
available at Mohawk General Store
4011 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90029

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