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Champagne. Crocodile Filets. Australia.

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Northern Territory, Australia.

A place so remote, nobody was even around to name it after themselves.

Home to 95-degree winters, a thriving crocodile population and a... not-so-thriving human population.

And now: a strong champagne-brunching tradition...

Give a warm g’day to Cicada Lodge, a sparkling new jewel amidst the otherwise unforgiving beauty of Australia’s Northern Territory, taking reservations now.

Here’s the deal: you’re around infinity miles (plus or minus) from anything resembling civilization. But you’ll feel right at home. Your living quarters: a handsomely appointed abode overlooking Australia’s version of the Grand Canyon. And if you want to get some cultural exchange in, even better: because the whole place is staffed by Aborigines.

See, this is sacred Aboriginal territory. And that’s a good thing. Because when you’re not taking champagne brunches on the pool deck, you’ll have an Aboriginal guide canoeing you through gorges. Or helicoptering you off to ancient rock formations covered in 40,000-year-old paintings. Or... answering all your burning Aboriginal trivia questions.

Oh, and make sure you ask for the chef’s table. They’ll cook your party an entire crocodile, nose-to-tail.

Or chicken fingers.


Cicada Lodge
Nitmiluk National Park
Gorge Road
Katherine, Northern Territory 0850
+618 8971 0877
official website


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