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A Larchmont Village Dinner Hideout

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Some Friday nights, you’re just in the mood to go over to a friend’s place.

Have some drinks without a fuss. Go through his things when nobody’s looking. Feast upon some Moroccan braised lamb shoulder.

Helps to have the right friends.

Wipe your feet before you enter The Larchmont, a bright, clean two-story Craftsman bungalow that’s actually an intriguing new restaurant, now open at the apex of Larchmont Village.

We’ll just say it plainly: dinner here is like going to someone’s house. Because... it’s a house. There’s a clean aesthetic happening, white and airy, and as soon as you walk in, you’ll see a fireplace and a little bar. Pause for a Bonded Old Fashioned, made with bonded bourbon. You feel right at home already.

You’ll have three choices for dinner here: the main dining room, the one upstairs or the breezy side porch. The main dining room has a big photo of a lovely young woman underwater, facing down a shark. The breezy side porch is, well, a breezy side porch. And we know how you love those.

Oh, right, and as for what you’re eating—think sherry-drenched pork belly, butternut squash soup and some chicken that was cooked under a brick.

And served on top of a plate.

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