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A Sexy Ski Retreat in the Austrian Alps

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You know that saying about glass houses.

Turns out, Austria’s got its own version.

Except it’s about glass hotels. And about how great they are. Especially this one.

We know... profound.

Welcome to Zhero–Ischgl/Kappl, a glass-walled pleasure palace in the Austrian Alps that you have a 0% chance of pronouncing correctly but a 100% chance of fur-lined-penthousing correctly, now open until May before it shutters for the summer.

The scene: a friendly little Austrian village surrounded by three mountain ranges. Which comes in handy if you’re struck with the sudden urge to careen down some powder-dusted slopes. Just pick a direction and start walking. You’ll hit a ski lift eventually.

But about your lodgings. About that fur-padded penthouse with giant windows facing an endless vista of snow. About the part where you wrap yourself in a robe and head over to the 8,073-square-foot spa or claim a spot by the fireplace in the velvet-and-leather-rich cigar room. That’ll be great. And feel free to summon some scotch from your personal butler at any time. He comes with the room.

You’ll also have the option of checking out the neighboring nightlife, which happens to be some of Europe’s finest. Caveat: you’ve only got about two months before everything shuts down for the warmer months, including the hotel.

We assume Jack Nicholson moves in after that.

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