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A Western-Themed Sports Bar. With Tacos.

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The place: Denver, Colorado.

... Or maybe it’s Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hard to tell. But it’s someplace like that—one of those Old West towns.

The year: oh, 1800-and-something. Let’s say 1853. Doesn’t matter.

What matters: you’ve been prospecting all day. Your pan’s come up bubkes. You’re hungry, ornery and somebody better slam two fingers of whiskey in front of you real quick-like.

Also: a brisket taco would be nice.

So say howdy to High Noon Saloon, which basically transforms John Wayne’s swagger into a bar, opening tonight in Wicker Park.

They have everything you need from a place that calls itself a saloon. So yes, there’s a ton of good beer, whiskey and tequila. They’ll pour it fast, and if need be, they’ll pour it cheap. And if you want your spiced cacao tequila mixed with raisin-cola syrup, they have an Aces and Eights at the ready.

Also at the ready: motif enhancers like shoe-scuffed hickory-wood floors, barn-wood trusses and a player piano (naturally, to be rerigged to be a DJ booth).

Of course, you could just come in here to watch the Blackhawks on one of their 11 TVs. But since they snagged a vet from Frontera Grill and Topolobampo to be their chef, tamales, chicken-fried steak and housemade fried ice cream are all perfectly legitimate reasons to visit, too.

Just leave your horse outside.

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