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Liquid-Nitrogen-Blasted Ice Cream in Beverly Hills

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A lot can happen in 30 seconds.

You can move 30 feet on the 405. You can watch an Internet video of a cat doing karate. You can... okay, not a lot can happen in 30 seconds.

Except some Beverly Hills eccentrics can blast some negative-320-degree liquid nitrogen onto a pile of random ingredients, turn it all into ice cream and then give you that ice cream.

Tread fearlessly into the bold, frozen future at Ice-Cream Lab, a new Beverly Hills spot that’s like no other ice cream joint in town—opening Friday.

So usually, ice cream kind of takes a while to meet its destiny as ice cream. Freezing’s slow like that. But all that’s about to change. At a crazy-looking bright-blue spot with some faux graffiti on the walls. But, like, Beverly Hills graffiti.

Anyway, come on in. Order one of a few flavors—think cinnamon apples and graham crackers, or olive oil popcorn with sea salt. Then: they’ll take some milk, fruit and other ice-cream-making stuff, dump it into a blue mixer and blast it with the liquid nitro. Blink. You’ve got ice cream.

And you should know that you can book their services for a party at your place. Which means: spiked ice cream. Which means: pineapple habanero and tequila ice cream. Or Belgian chocolate and beer.

The liquor laws are generally looser at your place.

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