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Dallas’s First Surf Gym

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Living here has its advantages.

Being near the coast... not one of them.

Which makes a post-work surf outing almost impossible.

That’s right. Almost.

Introducing City Surf Fitness, an indoor gym that simulates the sensation of wave riding atop a stationary surfboard, now open in Uptown.

This little box of a gym is stocked with 10 specially engineered boards. They move with the same core-strengthening instability of an actual surfboard on water. Which means you’ll get a great workout without getting wet. Or drowning. Or having to apply bronzer.

It’s classes only, so go ahead and sign up for one of those. They vary from yoga and balance exercises to intense cardio and muscle building. Then, once you arrive, you’ll do a little light stretching and get mentally prepared while serene ocean scenes (that may or may not include Keanu Reeves) are projected on the wall in front of you.

Also in front of you: the instructor. She’ll be your guide for the next 45 minutes as you learn actual surfing techniques like paddling, pop-ups and carving. The kind of stuff that... probably won’t help you actually surf, but should do wonders for your quads.

And really, end of the day, that’s all that matters.


City Surf Fitness
2805 Allen St, Ste 113
Dallas, TX, 75204


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