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SoHo’s New Hall of Handsomeness

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So we figure you’re about to be in for some pretty heavy beholding.

Just... look at this.

It’s Carson Street Clothiers, an old-world lair of absolutely devastating suit-ery and other handsomeness, opening tomorrow in SoHo.

Come alone. You can’t be having others see you joy-crying at the sight of the only Yankos (Spanish shoe/boot royalty) in America. And no one’ll understand when you start mumbling about channeling Belmondo on the Riviera this summer.

Just walk to the middle of the store. In awe. Through the white-brick-and-wood corridor, past the walls of Michael Bastian button-downs and the tables of Ovadia & Sons espadrilles. Maybe hold your arms out, look up and twirl a couple times. Actually, just do that in your head. Besides, you haven’t even seen the 1940s Rolex and Cartier watches yet.

It’s all so much, sitting may be required. That’s what all the cushy brown leather couches are for. They’ve even got a liquor-and-beer-stocked mini fridge in the back seating area, naturally.

And custom suiting. Two options, both exclusive to Carson Street. You’ve got the natty gents from Southwick doing their thing, and from Alfonso Felipe doing theirs. Between them, your next custom-made, hand-sewn, half-canvas, date-conquering linen suit (or unnecessarily handsome tux) is just a few weeks away.

Yeah, patience is no fun at all.


Carson Street Clothiers
63 Crosby St
(between Broome and Spring)
New York, NY, 10012


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