Goldie’s Rush

Meet Eveleigh’s Charming Sister. Her Name’s Goldie.

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It’s important to take time out of each day to give thanks to the unheralded among us.

Those who resolutely perform their duties without requiring or asking for acknowledgement.

So thank you, garage doors.

You make garages coherent. You keep Jay Leno’s cars safe. You usher us into beautiful, impossibly breezy new restaurants...

Shove open one of those big doors to reveal Goldie’s, a new indoor-outdoor enclave of kale and scallops from the Eveleigh owners, now soft-open on West 3rd Street.

If you’re picturing another ritzy-barn motif, you’re not wrong, exactly. But it’s also not, like, Eveleigh 2: Eveleigh-er, either. Think towering raw ceilings, swaths of maple, bursts of succulents, that garage door and some black picket-fencing.

Another critical difference: breakfast. Come by before work for some Handsome coffee and a breakfast roll involving bacon, egg, tomato and braised greens—pretty much everything here is wood-fired, housemade and/or natural-ish. You probably see where this is going. 

Yes: kale. You can have a kale salad (or tagliatelle) at lunch there in the sun, with your sage-fennel juice and your impossible tan and your soap-star date. Just spitballing here.

And in a couple weeks, there’ll be dinner. The whole candlelit-industry-date-night situation you were thinking about as soon as we said “Eveleigh.”

Eveleigh. See, it happened again. Eveleigh.

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