Things to do for March 07, 2013

The Weekender

Pac-Man, Whole Lamb and Dancing till Dawn

Weekend savings time is upon us.

Eating a Whole Lamb in the East Village

Eating a Whole Lamb in the East Village

Here’s what you’re going to do. You’ll gather up your best friends, tell them they won’t be your best friends anymore unless they eat a whole animal with you, and come here. Then you all pull up a wooden bench, consume a lamb and bow to one another. Well done.

A Pop-Up from a Le Baron Vet

A Pop-Up from a Le Baron Vet

You’ve got a serious medical condition. It requires dancing. Hypofunkaphelia, they call it. So you’ll hit this temporary hot spot from Le Baron’s enigmatic Russian manager, Tolga. It’ll run until dawn every day at the Armory Show. You’re generally in favor of “until dawn” scheduling.

Montauk Is Open for Reservations

Montauk Is Open for Reservations

Just as soon as the sloppy snow ends, the sun emerges and the harsh winds of brumal despair are safely in your rearview, you’ll be Hamptons-bound. So you may want to call up the summer pool gods at the Montauk Beach House and reserve a room. There’s no despair at pools.

MoMA Does Pac-Man

MoMA Does <em>Pac-Man</em>

Somewhere between you learning to walk and you having breakfast this morning, Pac-Man became a valid form of high art. And so now MoMA has that, Tetris and 12 other games waiting to be viewed from a cultural lens. Because you’ll never get the high score on Water Lilies.

Opens Mar 8, MoMA, 11 W 53rd St (between 5th and 6th), 212-708-9400

This New Brunch Has Oyster Omelets

This New Brunch Has Oyster Omelets

Some weekends include fried-oyster omelets, housemade pickles and barbecue-sauce Bloody Marys. Some don’t. It seems pretty obvious which kind of weekend is the superior one. So we’re just going to let you know that this brunch has those things. Quite a coincidence, that.

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