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Easter-Egg-Colored Skulls. Just Because.

None Home is where you hang your hat.

Solid statement.

A bit cliché, but solid nonetheless.

Especially since you’re about to start hanging your hat on a bright-green African warthog horn.

So tip that hat to Mount Your Maker, a conversation-sparking hodgepodge of gloriously unsettling animal skeletons painted in every color of the pastel rainbow, online now.

This is the work of a Portland artist who one day got his hands on a bunch of discarded bones and acrylic paint. And then pondered life. And then basically did for animal skulls what Warhol did for Campbell’s soup. The result: living room conversation-piece gold.

If you’re going for that Billy the Kid meets Dalí vibe, there’s a stark white caribou mount for that. Or maybe it’s more of a getting-your-mountain-lodge-in-proper-spring-order affair. In which case, go for a pair of gold-leaf-dusted moose antlers. And if you’re just... well, looking to get weird, there’s always that shark jaw with lips painted on it. (Yes, that kind of weird.)

Oh, and these things are quasi-functional, too. Hang a chrome African antelope skull next to your door and boom: instant coat rack.

It’s not creepy if it’s a coat rack.

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