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FiDi’s Got a New Jewish Deli. It’s Glorious.

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None 3 Photos Shorty Goldstein’s
For the sake of argument, let’s say you’re hungry.

And for the sake of more argument, let’s say it’s Tuesday afternoon.

Yep... conditions are perfect for pastrami on rye.

Open your arms and embrace Shorty Goldstein’s, a new Jewish deli from chef Michael Siegel of Bix fame, open as of this morning in FiDi for all your midafternoon pastrami and matzo-balling needs.

There’s a real get-in-here-and-order-a-quick-sandwich-from-the-chalkboard-menu vibe going on in this place. So do that. Do exactly that.

Just walk up to the counter, politely dispense salutations upon the person behind it and get excited. Because what comes next is... well, food. But it’s food like corned beef on rye, brisket sandwiches, noodle kugel and a recreation of the owner’s great-grandmother’s knish recipe.

Go for that last one. Then go sit under the big exposed brick wall to your left and reflect upon your decision. Read a paper. Check a score. Just hang out and bask in the glow of that glorious meat-stuffed bread ball in front of you.

Also worth mentioning: the good Chef Siegel makes his own pastrami and corned beef in-house every day.

Never trust a chef who doesn’t corn his own beef.


Shorty Goldstein’s
126 Sutter St
(between Montgomery and Kearny)
San Francisco, CA, 94104


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