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Stalking Wolves and Bears in the Tetons

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Jackson Hole. It’s like adult summer camp.

Skiing. Fly-fishing. Canoe races.

Just the perfect place to get away from it all and make some new lifelong friends...

... who may or may not be a pack of gray wolves.

Steel yourself for the Wolf and Bear Expedition, three days of expertly guided wolf stalking and bear tracking in the comfort of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, setting out this spring at Amangani in Jackson Hole.

Your first objective: seek shelter. We’re thinking your hotel—a sprawling stone-and-timber oasis sitting at the foot of the Tetons. It has a mountain-facing hot tub. You’ll know it when you see it.

Get settled. Change into some boots you don’t mind caking in mud. Then, meet your guide—a biologist and wildlife expert. Hop in his jeep, crank the John Denver up to 11 and ride until you reach prime wolf- and bear-spotting territory. Your guide will then instruct you to 1) not make any sudden movements, and 2) for the love of God, turn the music down.

Moments later, you’ll witness some bears fishing in a stream. Some playful wolf cubs creating YouTube gold before your eyes. Maybe even some pronghorns doing... whatever pronghorns do for fun. And since you’re with an expert, you’ll learn everything about their migration patterns, mating rituals, hobbies, interests...

Aside from killing prey, that is.


Wolf and Bear Expedition
via Amangani
1535 NE Butte Rd
Jackson, WY, 83001


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