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Get Out of Dodge

A Rustic Weekend Getaway in the Catskills

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Not too long from now, you’re going to be in a mood.

An inner-tubing-down-a-lazy-creek mood.

It’s part of the natural order of man.

And this is where you’ll make it happen...

It’s called The Graham & Co., it’s an enchanting piece of rustic mid-century modern, summer-conquering hotelery upstate, and it’s now open.

This place looks like so many wooded artisanal bars/restaurants/Elks lodges you know and love in Brooklyn. Only it’s in Phoenicia, NY—population 309. And it’s a hotel, with charming kitchenette rooms and handmade, reclaimed-wood appointments and vintage fans. So all that quaint Americana feels legit. Only it’s designed and run by Brooklyners, so... minds: blown.

It’s like living in an Instagram filter. One where you’re bringing a single guest here for a weekend of sharing bonfire-made s’mores and a bed. This should happen in the summer—but there are fewer than 20 rooms, so get on it.

You’ll be working with Ansel Adams–worthy mountain and river views. In the summer, they project old movies onto a sheet in a big yard. There’s badminton. There’s sitting by the pool with Fla-Vor-Ice and beer. There’s general not wanting to leave, ever.

There’s even a bar. It’s... exactly what you’re picturing. Unfinished wood. An old American flag hanging on one end and a fruit scale on the other.

You’d laugh if you didn’t love it so much.


The Graham & Co.
80 Rte 214
Phoenicia, NY, 12464


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