The Jade Hotel


A Velvety French Hotel in Greenwich Village

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They had a conference about you.

Came to some conclusions.

Decided you were very much into fireplaces, breathtaking terrace views, pork chops and France.

And then... they erected a hotel.

Welcome to The Jade Hotel, a masterpiece of retro-French lodging in Greenwich Village, now open.

This place is basically a vintage absinthe poster come to life. Winding, wrought-iron art nouveau gas lamps on the outside and velveted-French-deco-with-rollicking-bohemian-bar-and-restaurant on the inside. Nothing too complicated.

Let’s take a look at your quarters. For argument’s sake, we’ll put you in one of the penthouses (just a hunch). Your bed is a scarlet wave of velvet. There’s a spa tub and a shower, because you don’t like mixing business and pleasure. And look, a massive stone terrace with views of everything north of 13th Street... how nice of them.

But let’s head back to the lobby.

That’s where you’ll casually wait for a dark stranger while standing in front of a fireplace, your arm stretched over the back of a purple velvet sofa. You should have a cigarette, too. But that’s not allowed.

You’ll notice an arched-brick passage on either side of that fireplace. Enter one. You’ll emerge into Grape & Vine, a skylighted world of dark veneers, pork chops, tartares, champagne cocktails and, yes, more red velvet.

Apparently there was a sale.


The Jade Hotel
52 W 13th St
(between 5th and 6th)
New York, NY, 10011


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