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Pasta and Martinis near Staples Center

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Pick a game, any game.

Just make sure it’s happening at Staples Center, and that the Lakers are playing in it.

And that you’ll be hungry for some spaghetti beforehand.

Spoiler alert: you picked a basketball game. And this place...

Line up for the tip-off at Casa Nostra Ristorante, your new Staples-adjacent home for pregame Italian-ness in an intimate outdoor courtyard, opening tonight.

Universally known fact: side effects of parking anywhere near Staples and LA Live generally include stress, heartache and profound existential despair. So do this instead: organize car pool. Park way before the game starts. Then walk a couple blocks to this place for the classics. Pappardelle. Spaghetti. Martinis. Somewhere else: traffic. But that’s no longer your concern.

Don’t expect anything too stuffy, nor anything too sports-bar-y—think white linens, heavy Italian accents, lots of skylights and a couple patios. You’ll want the back one, furthest removed from the commotion you’re avoiding.

Oh, and we should mention there’s a full bar here. So when dinner’s done, you’ll stroll to the game, aggressively shake signs over your head, all of that—and afterward, while all those other poor saps spend hours trying to get out of various parking garages, you’ll be back here for a nightcap. Then eventually you’ll get home on quiet, quiet city streets.

Hey, it could happen.


Casa Nostra Ristorante
825 W 9th St
Los Angeles, CA, 90015


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