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A Culver City Cove of Pizza and Beer

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Sometimes we just get these... well, we don’t want to call them premonitions. Or visions. Nothing crazy like that.

It’s just that we have a very strong—you might call it mystical—conviction that you might soon be craving some pork-topped pizza.

Ponder your future with WildCraft Sourdough Pizza, a new shrine to clam-and-pork pies and all the beers you’d want to see alongside them, opening Monday.

There are places in this town at which pizza is kind of a stuffy affair. And that’s fine. If pizza isn’t an occasion for the nice china, then nothing is. Still. Sometimes you just need to grab whoever’s around and drop yourselves into a supremely casual neighborhood joint—think random graffiti, 16 beers on tap and smart two-tier tables that keep the Neapolitan-style pizza up high on marble and out of the way... while you eat your pizza.

And then the carnage begins. Sort of literally, if you’ve ordered the Carnage: it’s topped with porchetta, salami, pancetta and fennel sausage. Whatever you order, know that the crust came from a batch of live yeast being fed and nurtured for days in a protective dome—yes, you can see it through glass if you like. Then it becomes a pizza crust, topped with all that meat, or something else, and thrown into the 901-degree oven for about 90 seconds.

902 degrees would burn it.

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