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Mount Kilimanjaro Inspired These Bags

None There’s a new company out of California. Goes by the name of Stone + Cloth. And in the interest of keeping this simple, we’ll say this: they make backpacks, utility bags and iPad cases.

Handsome ones.

Able-bodied ones.

Ones that, at the very least, deserve three minutes of your undivided attention this afternoon.

Starting... now.

Those backpacks. They were inspired by a trip up Mount Kilimanjaro...
The guy who started this thing made it to the summit. And somewhere along the way, he decided you needed a navy-blue-striped backpack with a built-in laptop sleeve, antique brass hardware and exposed zippers (and seven other options of varying attractiveness).

So he went ahead and made you those. They’re all designed to be durable enough to climb a mountain and casual enough to walk around with while eating toast points (or doing... other casual activities).
Potential uses: Placing things in. Sherpa summer camp. Placing more things in.

When life gives you attractive utility cases...
Well... you put pens and credit cards and stuff in them. These ones are handmade in California. And they’re rugged. All built to last and whatnot. Exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from a guy who climbs African mountains and makes utility cases.
Potential uses: Passport safekeeping. Anti-fanny-pack campaigns. Starburst storage.

Right. They also do iPad cases...
Potential uses: Holding iPads. And maybe...

Actually, no. Just holding iPads.

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