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Pack Mules + Personal Chefs = This

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Last night was great and all, but...

So is loading up a bunch of pack mules with a week’s worth of trekking equipment and going full Les Stroud in the Eastern Sierras.

Behold the exact opposite of Valentine’s Day: Wilderness Collective, a new men’s-only expedition outfitter, standing at the ready to not-so-gently whisk you off to some of the most gloriously rugged terrain this planet has to offer (with a personal chef, of course), taking reservations now.

Snowmobiling across the Iditarod trail in Alaska. Sailing a catamaran through the Channel Islands. Dual-sport riding through Colombia. These are all things they’ll help you do. And by our calculations, that’s pretty, pretty, pretty... pretty good.

Round up a few buddies. Grow some new hair on your face. Polish a boot. Practice saying things like “Let’s get an early start tomorrow. That river leading to the port of Mompós isn’t going to cross itself.” And when you’re damn good and ready, hit the site and sign up for a trip.

The next one is that snowmobiling joyride through Alaska. And you’ll be happy to hear that a professional chef and a few mixology types are coming along for the ride to help keep you in food and drink. Not to mention a film crew to document the whole thing.

Survivorman-style. Not 127 Hours–style.

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