Things to do for February 14, 2013

The Weekender

Shredding Love Notes, Racing Ferraris and Inigo Montoya

The state of the weekend is strong.

The Least Romantic Party in Town

The Least Romantic Party in Town

Maybe there’s someone you genuinely love. That’s nice. Don’t take them here. Because Frankie’s is hosting an anti–Valentine’s Day party tonight. On deck: a bunch of people dressed in black, $3 drinks and a shredder for destroying old love notes. Or incriminating photos... tax records... whatever.

The Princess Bride at the Texas Theatre

<em>The Princess Bride</em> at the Texas Theatre

Fancy dinners are great. Seriously, we love those things. But sometimes you need a date idea that’s a little more low-key. Like watching The Princess Bride in a historic Oak Cliff movie theater. Or renting Men in Tights at home. Wait, no, definitely the first one.

Scaring the Hell Out of Your Date

Scaring the Hell Out of Your Date

Taking your date to a haunted house on Valentine’s Day: that’s... different. This weekend, swing by the Moxley Manor, and you’ll be winding down dark corridors as very unromantic, chain-saw-related things take place before you. This probably won’t end well.

Making Love Potions at Cook Hall

Making Love Potions at Cook Hall

Sure, you can always go to a bar, order a drink, drink said drink and be done with it. Or you can visit Cook Hall and request their DIY Valentine’s cocktail kit. Inside: a split of champagne, mixers, herbs, bitters and tools. Maybe garnish with an oyster or seven.

Feb 14-16, Cook Hall, 2440 Victory Park Ln, 214-397-4111

Here’s the Keys to a Ferrari

Here’s the Keys to a Ferrari

Tight body. Supple curves. Moves quickly. Yup, Ferraris are magnificent things. And this weekend, you can drive one. Just book a car through the Exotic Driving Experience, and you’ll race around the track as your shotgun-sitting copilot doles out instructions. Like “Another left turn here.”

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