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Taking Temporary Possession of a Mountain

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Drag, right?

Well, you know, just the ones where you don’t have your own private mountain.

Private-mountain Mondays are all right.

And they’re now 100% possible with Own the Mountain, an aptly named service that has you ruling an entire ski resort in Oregon for one glorious day, taking reservations now for Mondays through March.

Pretty simple concept here. You like skiing. You’ve got some friends who like skiing. And you’d like the option of having a mountain to yourselves. So you’ll come here, to Anthony Lakes Mountain. Where everything from the staff to the chairlifts is subject to your benevolent dictatorship.

It’ll start with a phone call. You’re going to talk to a nice young lady named Josie. You’ll say something along the lines of, “Yeah, I’d like one mountain, please.”

Cut to the big day—you’ve got five hours and 1,100 acres of Oregon’s finest piste. After a moving and elaborate opening ceremony you’ve coordinated, everyone skis. Some just sit around the lodge drinking and wearing sweaters that make them look like they ski. And that’s okay, too. Your mountain, your rules.

So... yeah, clothing-optional mountain.


Own the Mountain
at Anthony Lakes Ski Resort
47500 Anthony Lakes Hwy
North Powder, OR, 97867


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