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Barmini, by the Numbers

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Minibar. It’s a tough reservation. It’s a big commitment. Well, now there’s a place next door that’s a little more approachable, but with all the same José Andrés–ishness about it. Oh yeah, it’s a cocktail bar, it’s called Barmini, and it opens next Friday. Here’s a statistical breakdown:

23: Places to sit, mostly on wavy lounge seats and at stark white counters.

2: People who can fit in the swing that hangs by a chain.

2: People who can fit on the patchwork chaise lounge (these are your top choices for dates).

25: Slightly creepy hand sculptures emerging from the wall, most holding citrus fruit.

1: Centrifuge contraptions behind the bar that turn out infusions like peanut rum.

106: Cocktails on the list, mostly classics made with an avant-garde twist or two, like mezcal marshmallows.

16: Cocktails based around whiskey.

4: Cocktails based around beer.

Infinite: Number of bar snacks they may rotate in and out, but for now settle on ibérico ham and salmon roe cones.

1930s: Decade from which most of the vintage glassware originated.

1: Glassware styles supposedly molded from the left breast of Marie Antoinette.

Aka the good one.

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