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Made-to-Order Leather Magnificence

None Some stories don’t end well.

Romeo and Juliet. Marley & Me. The one where you eat a whole wheel of cheese.

Other stories end with you strapping on boatloads of custom ostrich leather and bouncing down the street like some kind of damn leather model.

Today: an exploration of the latter...

Put your hands together for LaContrie, an incredibly French, incredibly dashing new line of made-to-order leather gear for your February consideration, available online now.

The girl behind this stuff (let’s call her Edwina de Charette) is just so into leather. The type who probably eats cereal out of leather bowls and drives a leather car and generally just holds it and talks to it throughout the day.

This bodes well for you.

Because not only will she make you a new briefcase, she’ll also let you customize every last detail of said briefcase. The colors. The hardware. The leathers. All of it. Just jump on the site and start making bull calf and crocodile bags.

Same thing goes for wallets. Belts. Card holders. iPhone cases. You can even customize a leather bracelet.

We’re pretty sure they don’t do socks.

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