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A Traveling Village of Shipping Containers

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Normally, you’re completely, totally, 100% morally opposed to putting human beings inside of a shipping container.

But sometimes, life makes an offer you can’t refuse...

Beam with curiosity at Sleeping Around, a traveling village of high-end, European-designed hotel suites made out of old shipping containers, currently popped up in Antwerp and taking reservations now.

This is essentially an episode of Storage Wars gone... tremendously right. You’ve got six fresh-off-the-boat shipping containers. But rather than containing antique Volkswagens or vintage stuffed animals, they house a dining room, a sauna and four bedroom suites. Think of it as a modern interpretation of the covered-wagon experience.

Step inside for the grand tour. To the left: your bed. To the right: your bathroom. It’s got running water, fresh towels and one of those showers with the detachable wand. The works. And straight ahead, that’s... the wall.

But what you lack in space, you gain in portability. Right now, it’s all in Antwerp. But soon enough, it’ll all move to another destination as determined by online voting. And if democracy isn’t getting the job done, you can always privately commission an airdrop of one of these anywhere you want.

You’re not 100% opposed to a dictatorship, either.

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