Things to do for January 31, 2013

The Weekender

Pork Snacks, Football and an Anatomically Correct Chocolate Heart

Elementary, my dear weekend.

GoodFellas at the Texas Theatre

<em>GoodFellas</em> at the Texas Theatre

De Niro, Pesci, Scorsese’s mom... Good movie, that GoodFellas. And it’s playing tonight at the Texas Theatre. You’ll want to stop at the concession stand/bar first, grab a little popcorn, something with whiskey in it. (Like a big cup.) Then sit back and watch Tommy get his shine box.

Something Chocolaty/Creepy for V-Day

Something Chocolaty/Creepy for V-Day

This Valentine’s Day, you could go the traditional route. Flowers, jewelry, a sky-written sonnet. Or better yet, maybe just an anatomically correct chocolate heart. This latest creation from Dude, Sweet Chocolate is two pounds of dark chocolate shaped into a human heart. We hear the pulmonary valve is delicious.

A Pop-Up Barbershop at Rye 51

A Pop-Up Barbershop at Rye 51

Rye 51... great place to pick up some spring attire. And Saturday, it’s also a great place to score a shave and a haircut. That’s because Hair by Charlie is on site armed with hot towels and a strop. So you’ll want to swing by for a cleanup. And a gratis whiskey.

Feb 2, 10am-7pm, Rye 51, 3699 McKinney Ave, 214-780-0202

Watch the Super Bowl Here

Watch the Super Bowl Here

Believe it or not, they kept playing football after the Cowboys’ season ended. And there’s a big game this Sunday. So get to the Granada, park yourself in front of their 30-foot projection screen and have a brisket taco or two. Ah, who we kidding, it’s the Super Bowl. Have nine.

A Pork Homage at FT33

A Pork Homage at FT33

You’ll do a lot for a good pork snack. And if that means hunkering down with discounted beers and wines, well, so be it. Because on Tuesdays, FT33’s offering several pork-related items (ciccioli, pork-liver mousse) right at the bar. So... get to that bar. Bring a friend. Ask first if he’s kosher.

Tuesdays, 4:30-6:30pm, FT33, 1617 Hi Line Dr, 214-741-2629

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